It's time for action against hate, if not now, when?

Get your road map (blueprint), join the fight to eradicate hate and cultivate peace.

By Dr Joseph Nwoye

If what happened in two American cities, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio within a 24-hour interval along with manifestos motivated by hate, characterized by law enforcement officials as a hate crime, does not concern you, I don’t what will. Time of talking is over, we have heard enough of it (for example,,, and, it’s certainly time for action. The type of action that fosters the creation of a true effort in our quest for a more perfect union. To be part of the action, I encourage you to get a blueprint for an effective road map to transform the belief system that drives all forms of hate. There is so much hate in our society, it is ubiquitous, it does not matter whether it comes with a hater killing with guns, or a school teacher selectively disciplining brown and black children, suspending them from school and not even reprimanding their white counterpart for similar transgressions (, or administrators discriminating against employees either by unfairly comments, firing or bypassing them over in promotion, it really doesn’t matter the form it takes, the pain to victims and the extended consequences to the victims’ relatives are extensive and beyond comprehension, politicians and media elites don’t often capture these issues with their megaphones, to them, first thing first, they fight for notorieties and power, and the issues of hate seem to be secondary, otherwise they would be coming up with effective legislation and media focusing on the issue relentlessly. Perhaps, because they can’t capture the pain to victims, they honestly have no life experience that victims usually endure, some on a daily basis, otherwise, I believe they would prioritize according.

If you are a politician or media magnet, in fact anybody, but lack the experience to understand various forms hate manifest in our society, here is a roadmap that not only provides the knowledge for understanding the foundational framing of the belief system that nurture all forms of hate, whether it’s overt or covert with an approach for transforming those beliefs that usually stem from misconception we develop about people, misconceptions that drive people to do terrible things such as those done by individuals and in some cases by organizations, organizations that acts as we saw in the reports by the United States Department of Justice in three city reports stemming from the racist driven mistreatment of people in Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chicago Illinois. It’s clearly a system problem and requires a systemic solution.

If you are interested in fighting hate in all its forms, go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads and get a copy of "Cultivating a Belief System for Peace, Equity and Social Justice for All” and join a group in your community and be a part of the fight against all kinds of isms. If not now, I don’t know when.

You can get the reviews of the book (The road map for transforming the belief system that drives hater in exchange for a belief system that fosters peace, equity and social justice for all). get your copy by clicking on:

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