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Dr. Joseph Nwoye is the founder and president of the Systemic Diversity and Inclusion group. He is also the founder and editor of SDIG’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Journal (Published Quarterly). He also serves as the Director of Diversity Frontier Inc. Before he transitioned into business ventures, Dr. Nwoye served as a Professor and Director of Multicultural Education and Urban Seminar at Illinois State University. In addition, he taught undergraduate and graduate courses and served in several Dissertation committees at Illinois State University. 

He is the author of three books, contributed several book chapters and articles in several professional journals, and has spoken at conferences on the impact of cognitive theory in teaching, accommodating cultural differences, and fostering collaborative learning. In addition, he has spoken at professional organizational conferences, including ATE, NAME, etc. Dr. Nwoye addresses the impact of cognitive theory in teaching and learning, accommodating culturally different students, cognitive diversity, and implications for collaborative teaching and learning. He has an impressive reputation around culture and its impact on education, teaching, learning, and working and living in a shrinking global village. He enjoys bringing people together and inspiring them to learn about all people especially those who are different or unlike them. 

 Dr. Nwoye's passion for diversity, cognition, and inclusion commutatively inspired him to continue working in the diversity and inclusion space. Dr. Nwoye has worked around diversity policies in the workplace and developed a popular program titled a Culturally Responsive Workshop for Faculty and administrators that focuses on culturally responsive teaching and working in a diverse workplace. 
He works around cultural issues and the implications for education, law enforcement, and working in a diverse workplace. 

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